Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Active Software keys

Active Disk Image Professional v5.0.2
Registered Name : Manuel Weber Registration Key: 00001M-X7TGG1-K70F37-Y31HN6-JQZB74-NDQDV5-CV5QBG-7D9NM8-7KAJFB-U5HT7G-W0ZM8D

Active File Recovery Enterprise v8.1.0
Registered Name  :  Patrice Hirtzlin Registration Key :  00001Y-P2UWZD-5K1MUD-HXKUEJ-HHKA0Q-XMAA64-CCF0QX-HNXHDV-4PJZMJ-93YU32-9HYWTX

Active File Recovery Enterprise v8.0.1
Registered Name : Manuel Weber Registration Key: 00001N-X7TGG1-K712TX-QY8NUN-VBEWJY-66X5KU-T082G4-D52HXT-TP24A8-BTZTQK-2BZQ6P

Active Hard Disk Monitor Pro v2.1.0
Registered Name : Manuel Weber Registration Key: 00001H-X6HGG1-K71KCE-KAZU0F-BZ6FBZ-EEZTN3-2YQTB6-X9FF09-J55H2U-4A0P3H-3EYGHY

Active KillDisk Professional Suite v5.2
Registered Name : Manuel Weber Registration Key: 0HX71G-G1K71M-9XJNCW-NA26P7-VMQNGX

Active Partition Recovery Enterprise v6.0.0.1
Registered Name : Manuel A Registration Key: 00001N-X71GG1-K70MFD-71Q6XF-W7P5GT-B1W0DV-RJK7Z2-C2D7UC-F6278U-7EE4V6-2G5EY9

Active Password Changer Professional v4.0
A Name : Lars Stafflechner Registration Key: 00001M-Y3FE5M-MBYQAJ-24HVW5-HC8PQJ-8FRF5C-FJE4DA-PTJ9DG-MFVRBN-MA5YZ1-9N1RCU

Active Undelete Enterprise v7.4
Registered Name : Manuel Weber Registration A: 00001N-X73GG1-K70BVV-FBF028-DKGV50-Z267X6-KDQN26-M9D8RP-BRTER5-1AKW3P-260V0H

Active Unformat v2.0
Registered Name : Manuel Weber Registration Key: 00001H-X71GG1-K70HAE-EM9FFW-WPVHN3-MTYA0X-K1HWBP-XB21EA-6VHQ1C-2M4RGV-05J9C3

Active ZDelete v6.0.22
Registered Name : Manuel Weber, Registration Key: 0000KU-D31036-E3Z2BC-NZDC2W-W5JQRE-EUHTAH

Actual Window Manager v6.6

Actual Window Manager v6.5.1


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